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Your web presence is a form of modern-day storytelling.

Consider me your next storyteller.

Crafting a piece of digital work is an art that mirrors the act of storytelling. A compelling story is not simply a sequence of events, but rather a rich tapestry of intricacies that entertain its audience. In today's digital age, having a mere web presence is no longer enough. Your work must have a robust digital experience that effectively captivates and conveys your brand identity and message. Without the proper technology and expertise, your work's success and lasting impact can be significantly limited. That's why selecting the right engineer who can serve as your skilled storyteller and effectively convey your message through technology is now more important than ever.

I take great pleasure in offering my expertise to craft your digital story. Similar to the most captivating stories, the projects I create for you will be highly engaging with leading features such as responsiveness, optimization, and functionality-rich design. As your engineer, I will be committed to investing my time and energy in curating a modern and reliable digital space to tell your story. Take a look around and tell me, what's your story?

My Latest Work

I invite you to explore my latest projects.

Kayla Lee Nails Website Gif

Kayla Lee Nails

A stunning, modern, and fully responsive website for a traveling nail artist.

Tacos Sabor Website Gif

Tacos Sabor

An appealing and UX friendly website to display the delicious food of Tacos Sabor.

Services & Skills

Whether you're launching a new project or looking to enhance your existing web presence, I am here to help. Staying current with the latest trends and exciting new technology is imperative. I firmly believe that continuous learning is a lifelong pursuit, which is why I take pleasure in exploring and acquiring new knowledge and skills within the industry.

  • Frontend - React, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Backend - Node.js, Express, MongoDB
  • Front-End Web Development
  • Back-End Web Development
  • Full-stack Web Developement
  • UI/UX Design
  • Database Management
  • Testing & Debugging

What to Expect

As a professional who values excellence and customer satisfaction, I am proud to deliver high-quality work that not only meets but surpasses, my clients' expectations. I build strong trustworthy relationships with all my clients through clear communication and a shared understanding of project expectations. This is the typical timeline my clients can expect.

  1. Consultation - initial meeting to discuss project visions and preferences.
  2. Proposal - detailed project proposal with a thorough plan of action with a visual preview.
  3. Creation - clients receive routine communication regarding project updates during creation and quality testing.
  4. Launch & Support - the final project is delivered with available ongoing support.

My Story

Hi there! My name is Sana! I'm a Software Engineer based in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

UNC Bell TowerOne of my favorite things to do is learn new languages. I'll admit, I might be learning a few too many on Duolingo at the moment, but I'm familiar with Nepali, Hindi, and Spanish. In fact, I even got to study Spanish during my semester abroad in Spain while attending UNC-CH! (Go Heels!!)

My passion for learning spoken languages naturally developed into a love for studying coding languages, and combined with my interest in problem-solving, I knew I had to be a software engineer. My commitment lies in developing and enhancing software that can create a positive impact on people's lives. I believe that even small solutions can make a big difference, and that's what motivates me every day.

When I'm not busy coding, I love to explore my imagination and creativity through fiction and art. I also enjoy hiking, practicing mindfulness, and cooking up international dishes like paella or pad kee mao!

Contact Me

I am currently accepting new freelance clients, interesting project ideas, and whatever exciting opportunities that may arise.

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